The thermostat, in one form or another, has been in our homes for almost 130 years and, over the decades, has been consistently redesigned, reconsidered, and reshaped from an entirely mechanical device into the ever prevalent digital programmable models. 现在, Four Seasons is proud to bring you FourSight, the next big innovation in the realm of thermostats and home comfort.

FourSight combines the precision of digital programmable thermostats with the limitless potential of smart technology. From energy savings to reporting features to instant contact with our award winning professionals, FourSight is poised to revolutionize the entire home heating and 冷却 experience.

今天, 然而, we are going to explore the level of convenience and control attainable through a thermostat powered by FourSight.

Complete Mastery Over Your 加热 and 冷却 System

If your family has multiple thermostats, FourSight allows you to switch between them and view detailed information for each, including current temperature, desired temperature, and network status.

Completely control, 调整, and alter your thermostat settings including, humidity level, system status, 系统模式, desired temperature, and the duration of fan operation. This can be done at any time, from anywhere there an Internet connection is present.

Compare your current schedule and temperature settings with local weather and a four-day forecast. Gain an upper hand on the days ahead and ensure comfort and efficiency from your HVAC system.

Activate a “Quick Save Mode” to save energy during short ventures 的 the home. Alternatively, you can create a specific schedule for your vacation days to cut heating and 冷却 costs no matter how long you’re away!

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No longer is your home comfort dependent upon a box on the wall. The ability to create the perfect indoor climate, to gain mastery over the elements is now with you wherever you go through your phone, 平板电脑, or web portal of choice.

然而,, this is only a small fraction of the difference FourSight can make in your heating and 冷却 strategy. To read more about FourSight check out our blog collection on the Comfort Corner 或联系 Four Seasons Representative today!