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It is extremely discouraging and frustrating to have to start my day by having to write yet another review on this incompetent company. I have been dealing with issues for the past 6 years! Yesterday, I had once again technicians come to my house to supposedly fix an ongoing issue with my ductless Mitsubishi A/C System. After four (4) hours of messing with one of the "heads" of my system, the technicians relate that the part (coil) that the company had sent me was bad. This was a "'new" part four seasons ordered to fix the issue with this head and it was a bad, non-functioning part!! Not only did it take several visits from different technicians to find the issue, but once the problem was diagnosed, they send a NON-WORKING part to my house to be installed! Three technicians have recommended the best way to solve the problem with the system would be to replace the entire head for a new, but the company WON'T take the technicians recommendations into consideration. They WON'T change the head for a new one even though this is the best solution and would avoid all this wasted time and endless visits from this company to my house. Needless to say that I am sick and tired of Four Seasons! They rather keep wasting MY TIME and continue making visits instead of doing what's right, which in this case is to change the old head for a new one!!! I have wasted SO MUCH on this that at the end of the day THEY OWE ME money for all the time and aggravation spent on this over the years. This year alone they've had to visit over 5 times!!!! I have NO IDEA how they have such high rating. It's a hoax!! DO NO BELIEVE THEIR RATING!! If you can find someone else to handle your cooling and heating I HIGHLY urge you to do it. DO NOT trust this company with your systems. It's gotten to the point where legal action is in order against this company.

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